Young Los Angeles, California Based Company, The Body Archer, Revives…

The Body Archer Back Stretching Chair is the perfect Valentines Day Gift Idea for healthy couples looking to stay active and increase flexibility and intimacy when used as a sex chairYoung Los Angeles, California Based Company, The Body Archer, Revives an Old Solution for Back Pain
Twenty-year-old back stretching invention, The Body Archer combines furniture and fitness to help aching back pain.
The Body Archer Back Stretching Chair
In our case, we liked The Body Archer so much we started the company!
Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) February 24, 2014
Nearly 80% of Americans suffer from back pain at some point during their lives. Among the scores of devices designed to relieve back ache, one clever new product has emerged, which combines effective back pain therapy and attractive furniture. The Body Archer , invented by a massage therapist over 20 years ago, was never offered to the general public… until now.
Body Archer CEO, Robert Wald, explains, “I recently retired from a 42-year career in the motion picture industry and I was looking for an interesting, new opportunity. I’ve always been involved in physical fitness and, one day, I remembered a friend’s idea, The Body Archer. As someone who experiences frequent back pain, I had personally experienced just how well her own prototype worked. I realized how unfortunate it was that only a handful of people had ever enjoyed its benefits. My friend had long ago lost interest in her invention and I felt that her idea was just too brilliant to be forgotten. So, I decided to find a way to make The Body Archer available to everyone. We immediately applied for a patent!”
Robert realized that he needed the help of a physical fitness expert, so he teamed up with Body Archer president, Kim MacKenzie, a certified Pilates and fitness instructor, health advocate, writer, producer, and actress with a proficiency for internet and social media marketing. Kim even designed a series of Pilates based core and back strengthening exercises using The Body Archer, for those who wish to use it as a workout or rehabilitation device in addition to back stretching and relaxation.
The Body Archer’s unique ability to rock back and forth in a linear motion enables the user to get better movement and circulation in the core, hips, and lower back when sitting. It allows for safer, focused stretches when using it as a hip and back stretching device. The arched cushion provides the type of back stretches most often recommended by orthopedists. And, at chair height, The Body Archer is tall enough that the user can employ gravity and his or her own body weight to achieve relaxing, non-strenuous stretches. After having shown The Body Archer to several prominent spine surgeons, it has received a 100% approval rating and several doctor recommendations.
Robert continues, “We love that our product not only offers great back pain relief, but it also provides a really good way to prevent back problems in the first place! Kim and I ditched our desk chairs a long time ago in favor of The Body Archer and we use ours every day for stretching, as well. As the former owner of Remington Electric Shavers, Victor Kiam, said in his commercials, ‘I liked these shavers so much I bought the company!’ In our case, we liked The Body Archer so much, we started the company!”
The Body Archer® was invented by a California certified massage therapist and has been developed for the retail market by Body Archer LLC founders Robert Wald & Kim MacKenzie to help millions of Americans relieve and prevent back pain. The doctor recommended Body Archer is handcrafted in the company’s home base of Los Angeles, California using high quality materials to create their thick comfortable foam arch, reinforced, sturdy wood undercarriage, anti-slip rubber rocking surfaces and antibacterial fabric. The company’s mission is to help people lose their back pain and educate consumers on the benefits of maintaining a strong core, a flexible body and spine, and a healthy, balanced life.

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